Miley Cyrus ropes in Stevie Nicks for nostalgic ‘Midnight Sky’ remix

Just last month, rock legends Fleetwood Mac found themselves becoming the talk of the town when a video of a man skateboarding to their 1977 hit ‘Dreams’ went viral on TikTok. This not only kickstarted a widespread ‘Dreams’ challenge, but also prompted the song to re-enter the Billboard Hot 100, charting as high as #12.

And today (November 6th), Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks sends another one of her hits back into the spotlight, courtesy of her song ‘Edge of Seventeen’ being mashed up with Miley Cyrus’ stomper ‘Midnight Sky’.

‘Midnight Sky’ originally only sampled Nicks’ song, but Cyrus has worked her magic and gotten Nicks onboard to record new verses for the mash-up that has been named ‘Edge of Midnight’. Cyrus’ raspy voice has always drawn comparison to Nicks’, and the pair sound right at home with each other.

Last month, Nicks also released ‘Show Them The Way’, her first new song in six years.

‘Midnight Sky’ is the lead single from ‘Plastic Hearts’, the sixth Miley Cyrus album set to be released November 27th. Nicks aside, Cyrus has not been coy about her references of late, covering Blondie’s classic ‘Heart of Glass’ and The Cranberries’ sinister ‘Zombie’, among others.

Listen to ‘Edge of Midnight’ below:

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