Interview: Topic talks ‘Chain My Heart’ and his love for DJ-ing

Known for his dark, melodic production that has gotten him a whopping 25 million monthly streams on Spotify, German DJ Topic returns today (June 11th) with a brand new single titled ‘Chain My Heart’. Featuring the husky vocals of American singer Bebe Rexha, ‘Chain My Heart’ sees Topic’s sinister and pulsating synths set the stage as Rexha recounts an intoxicating love affair.

To find out how ‘Chain My Heart’ came about and learn about how he got into DJ-ing in the first place, POPJUICE caught up with Topic for an interview. Read on to find out just why he’s such a hot Topic in the DJ scene!

POPJUICE: Hey Topic! So, how did you get into DJ-ing, and what’s been your favourite thing about it so far?

Topic: I had an unusual route to DJ-ing. I started off as a producer first and I owe it to my former music teacher that I became a producer at all. Back in school, I chose his class because I knew that he was ahead of his time and had planned a project where we could learn to use music programs. I got stuck on that and started producing at home, which gradually led to DJ-ing.

My favourite thing is the traveling. Being a DJ allows you to travel the world. And being on stage, playing music I like, seeing a crowd enjoy my music is a special feeling that gives me so much joy.

POPJUICE: With “Chain My Heart,” what was the creative process like?

Topic: My collaborator A7S and I started making the track last summer in Stockholm. We then sent it over to Bebe and she instantly started working on it remotely. Creating music remotely is not ideal for me—I usually like to be in the studio with the person. So we had to go back and forth a little bit but I’m happy that it did work out so well and she is on the record. I look forward to meeting her in person soon!

POPJUICE: Bebe’s vocals add so much depth to the song and give it this edginess that we really like. Was that part of the consideration?

Topic: You are totally right and I’m really happy that this edginess is seen straight away. That was part of our thought process, we needed someone who can sing pop music but also have an attitude in her voice. Bebe was the first name that instantly popped up in our heads.

POPJUICE: You’ve remixed tons of songs from other artists and put your own spin on things. What do you look out for when remixing a song?

Topic: I don’t look for anything in particular, it depends on how I like the song and if I can connect with it. The popularity of the original song or artist is secondary to me. I recently remixed the reprise version of Moby’s ‘Natural Blues’. Of course Moby is one of the pioneers of EDM, but I did the remix mainly because the track is a legendary masterpiece.

POPJUICE: Out of all the artists in today’s music, which are some you would like to collaborate with?

Topic: To be honest, the list is long! Jon Bellion or blackbear would be sick.

POPJUICE: Final question, what can we look forward to from Topic this year?

Topic: Currently I’m working on collaborations a lot. There are some in the pipeline already but nothing I can reveal yet! Also I’m finally going back to playing gigs. Some really sick festivals are confirmed, and we’re working on dates in the US for the end of this year.

Check out Topic on Instagram and Twitter!

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Header image photo credit: David Montes Aldea

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