Sigrid is back to remind you to love who you see in the ‘Mirror’

It was the post that started it all for POPJUICE.

And two years on, Norwegian singer Sigrid is making a comeback this week with her new song, ‘Mirror’. Over a disco-tinged instrumental, Sigrid sings about loving yourself for who you are with lyrics like “I love who I see looking at me in the mirror, in the mirror / Nothing compares to the feeling right there in the mirror, in the mirror”. The track was co-written with Caroline Ailin and Emily Warren, who were part of the team responsible for Dua Lipa‘s gems ‘New Rules’ and ‘Don’t Start Now’.

Sigrid has been doing her due diligence on TikTok, too, promoting the song with a 30-second snippet that’s already been used in 12k videos (!) at the time of this posting.

The quirky music video for ‘Mirror’ sees Sigrid giving Katniss Everdeen realness; bringing out her best moves in a gorgeous ruffled punk dress and making a snow angel indoors, which definitely looks like fun. And surely that ‘Broken Hearts Club’ plastic bag must be an easter egg of sorts. An album title? The next single?

Either way, it’s great to have Sigrid back on our playlists again.

Watch the music video for ‘Mirror’ below:

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